Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m just your average girl, loving this life God has given me.

God has blessed me with a husband who loves the Lord and his family.  He works hard to provide for us.  Not only is he my best friend, but he is also an amazing dad.  He makes my job so easy.


The Love of my life

My days are filled with mothering this cute bunch.  They keep me laughing every day!  They make my job easy, too.  Yes, I do have my “hands full,” as people like to comment.  But they truly are full of blessings.  I couldn’t ask for better kids!


My 4-Pack of fun

We strive to live our lives in light of “These Three:”

  1. Faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. The blessed Hope of his glorious appearing
  3. Fervent Charity toward the brethren

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  I hope you enjoy your visit!